ETA Track Plus

Free ZTE Tablet

* w/ qualifying orders

ZTE Grand X View 4
8″ Tablet with 32GB + expandable MicroSD card.

For a midsize fleet of 20 vehicles

ETA Track Plus Can Generate

an estimated monthly savings of over $6,000.

ETA Track Plus Mobile App

How ETA Track Plus GPS fleet tracking can save your business money.

According to the 2022 Fleet Technology Trends Report, 90% of GPS fleet users said they’d benefited from the technology. Moreover, 42% of these respondents said they’d experienced that positive ROI in less than six months.

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For the past 15+ years, we have been partnering with parents to keep their teenagers safe and encourage them to drive responsibly. Thousands of parents rely on Youth Driving Safe to help safeguard their new drivers.

ETA Track Plus Mobile App
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